Transportation Code of Practice - UPDATE

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) aims to initiate an update to the 2001 transportation Code of Practice in 2018, pending a successful project application under the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership framework. However, first steps toward this objective are being undertaken now.

The report, Environmental Scan of Regulatory and Operational Considerations will provide a common background and context for NFACC’s Transportation Code Development Committee(s). It contains an overview of regulatory requirements, operational background, and considerations relative to the scope of the Transportation Code of Practice. The report is current to June of 2017 and is expected to be updated as needed prior to the initiation of a Transportation Code update.

The Report on Findings: Scope and Structure of Code of Practice for the Transportation of Livestock and Poultry summarizes the feedback and input from stakeholders, and will be used to establish the foundation for the Transportation Code scope, structure, format, and development process for NFACC, the Code Development Committee, and other participants.

The Scientific Committee Review of Scientific Research on Priority Welfare Issues report synthesizes the results of research relating to key animal welfare issues during transportation, specifically:

What is the effect of: transport duration, time off feed and water, rest intervals (where appropriate by species), environmental conditions, and loading density, as single factors or in combination, on animal welfare? Include measures to mitigate the impact of environmental conditions. Species to be covered include:

  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
  • Sheep
  • Equine

Please refer to for information on the Scientific Committee’s terms of reference.

Transportation Code Scientific Committee

Derek Haley
Egan Brockhoff
Jennifer Brown
Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein
Karen Schwean-Lardner
Luigi Faucitano
Michael Cockram
Trever Crowe
Yanne Jane Stojkov

Research writer: Fiona Lang