The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals: Transportation was released in 2001.

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Table of Contents





SECTION 1 Introduction

SECTION 2 General Considerations

SECTION 3 Vehicles, Containers and Equipment

SECTION 4 Loading and Unloading

SECTION 5 Care and Protection During Transport

SECTION 6 Animals at Risk

SECTION 7 Post Transport Antemortem (Preslaughter) Care

SECTION 8 Species Specific and Class Specific Considerations

SECTION 9 Research Needs



Appendix 1


Appendix 2

Density Charts

Appendix 3

Emergency Procedures

Appendix 4

Guidelines for Humane Killing of Animals by Firearms

Appendix 5

Wind -Chill Factors

Appendix 6


Appendix 7


Table 1

Maximum Single Step Height Recommendations

Table 2

Maximum Ramp Slope Recommendations

Table 3

Signs of Animal Discomfort During Transport

Table 4

Recommended Maximum Transport Times and Minimum Feed, Water and Rest Times which are within the standards of the Health of Animals Regulations

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