Bison 5-year Code Review

The bison Code was released in 2017. A review was completed by a Code Technical Panel in 2023.  

The Code Technical Panel’s recommendation for this Code of Practice is that it be reaffirmed.

Proposed timeline for a Code update: 2027

Minor challenge identified:

  • There are a few minor wording changes needed for the content on transport (e.g., the transport chapter, transport terms in the glossary) so that this content in the Code is further updated to the wording in the transport regulations. As these changes are minor and the Code refers readers to the actual regulations, these changes can be made when the Code is next updated.

During their review, the Code Technical Panel identified a few minor errors in the Code, and these have since been addressed using NFACC’s process for errata. The corrected Code is available here (please see the Code cover page for details about the errata).