The NFACC Conversations Podcast

The NFACC Conversations podcast was created to explore topics on farm animal welfare, particularly as they relate to the work of the National Farm Animal Care Council. The goal is to share information and expand the opportunity for engagement with those who are interested in NFACC’s work and in the topic of farm animal welfare.

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Episode 1: On Board with Farm Animal Transportation: a conversation with the transporters involved in the transportation Code of Practice update.

Dr. Jeffrey Spooner leads a conversation with Randy Scott of Brussels Transport, Angie Hurst of Luckhart Transport, Richard Mack of Riverdale Poultry Express, and Steve Brandt of Steve’s Livestock Transport. Together they discuss the complexities involved in transporting animals, the advances that have been made in securing the welfare of animals during transportation, the idea of the “perfect move”, and how the transportation Code can help connect everyone involved in the transportation process.  LISTEN NOW