The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs was released in 2014. The pig Code’s 5-year review was initiated in 2019. A detailed report about this review, along with information about an effort to amend the pig Code, can be found here.

A full update to the pig Code will commence in 2024. Important context about this update is available in NFACC’s July 2023 newsletter.

Please note that content in the transportation section of this Code, along with additional transportation-related content (e.g., glossary terms) that had referenced or reflected the outdated version of Part XII (Transport of Animals) in the Health of Animal Regulations (HAR), or the now archived Compromised Animals Policy, has been updated to align with the amended regulations, which took effect on February 20, 2020. Hard copies of the Codes that were printed prior to this alignment will not include these updates. For clarity, Codes that have been updated will include a statement on the front cover that reads “Alignment with Part XII (Transport of Animals) of the Health of Animals Regulations: 2021”.

This update process was strictly aimed at revising existing text that no longer aligned with the amended HAR. Every effort was made to respect the original priorities and decisions of the Code Development Committee (e.g., text from the HAR was not added if it was not covered in the original Code). In case of a discrepancy between the hard copy and online version of a Code, the online version shall take precedence.

There are various ways to view the Code:

There are a limited number of hard copies of this Code. NFACC encourages use of the electronic version and does not store hard copies. If hard copies are required, please contact the Canadian Pork Council.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 Housing and Handling Facilities
Section 2 Feed and Water
Section 3 Animal Health
Section 4 Husbandry Practices
Section 5 Transportation
Section 6 Euthanasia
 Appendix A - Guidelines for Determining Individual Stall Sizes for Gestating Gilts and Sows
 Appendix B - Recommended Minimum Floor Space Allowances for Gilts and Sows in Group Housing
 Appendix C - Floor Space Allowances for Weaned/Nursery Pigs
 Appendix D - Floor Space Allowances for Grower/Finisher Pigs
 Appendix E - Recommended Minimum Space Allowances for Boars
 Appendix F - Feeder Design
 Appendix G - Water Intake, Recommended Flow Rate and Height of Nipple Drinkers
 Appendix H - The Six Ss: Simple Criteria for Choosing Enrichment for Pigs
 Appendix I - Sow Body Condition Scoring System
 Appendix J - Example of Decision Tree for Euthanasia
 Appendix K - Pig Vision and Flight Zone
 Appendix L - “Should this Pig be Loaded?” Decision Tree
 Appendix M - Temperature - Humidity Index Table
 Appendix N - Methods of Euthanasia
 Appendix O - Resources for Further Information
 Appendix P - Participants
 Appendix Q - Summary of Code Requirements

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