About NFACC 


An introduction to the
National Farm Animal Care Council


NFACC Project
Achievements Report - 2022

NFACC is the only organization in the world that brings together animal welfare groups, enforcement,
government and farmers under a collective decision-making model for advancing farm animal welfare 

NFACC Overview

NFACC is the national lead for farm animal care and welfare in Canada. The organization is a collaborative partnership of diverse stakeholders that:

  • Facilitates and coordinates a consistent approach to farm animal welfare* in Canada, demonstrating credibility in domestic and international forums
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration among all partners in Canadian agriculture focusing on responsible farm animal care and welfare.

NFACC is based on a foundation of trust, communication and respect. It is a member-driven organization whose mission is to:

  • Make best use of resources and capabilities through improved coordination
  • Add value to stakeholders by collaborating, communicating and sharing tools, approaches, knowledge and information/experience
  • Facilitate proactive approaches to livestock care.

Significant strides have been made in bringing together the whole value chain and other stakeholders to develop science-informed approaches to farm animal care.

* The National Farm Animal Care Council supports the following definition of animal welfare: Animal welfare means how an animal is coping physically, physiologically and psychologically with the conditions in which it lives. Physically includes pain and injury; physiologically includes environmental or disease stressors; and psychologically includes stressors that affect the senses, especially those that result in fear, fighting, distress or stereotypic behaviours due to either frustration or boredom. Animal welfare refers to the state of the animal; the treatment that an animal receives is covered by other terms such as animal care, animal husbandry, and humane treatment.

Strategic Objectives

NFACC works to:

  • Uphold a credible, science-informed approach for the development of Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals
  • Promote a standard approach for the development of animal care assessment programs
  • Facilitate information sharing and communication on farm animal care and welfare issues
  • Promote Canada’s approach internationally
  • Provide a link between government and other partners regarding farm animal care and welfare developments domestically and internationally.

Core Values

NFACC’s partner organizations:

  • accept the use of farmed animals in agriculture
  • believe that animals should be treated humanely
  • support approaches that are scientifically informed.

Each NFACC partner respects – not only the views and values of other partners, but also their areas of expertise and authorities. This results in open communication that builds relationships and mitigates the challenges that may stand in the way of achieving our common interests.

NFACC functions on a consensus-based model of decision making. As such, all partners of the Council have an obligation to support the decisions and positions of NFACC.

NFACC members and partners meets 2-3 times a year. The Executive meets more frequently with monthly teleconferences.

The Executive includes:

  • NFACC's Chair
  • National Commodity Associations – 2
  • National Meat/Poultry Processor Associations  – 1
  • National Animal Welfare Associations – 1
  • National Retail, Restaurant and Food Service Associations– 1
  • National Veterinary Association – 1
  • Provincial Farm Animal Care Councils – 1
  • Federal Government – ex officio non-voting – 1
  • Research Community – ex officio non-voting - 1 

NFACC General Manager

Jackie Wepruk (nfacc@xplornet.com)


NFACC is a division of Animal Health Canada.