Supporting Canada’s crisis preparedness

Workshop with key stakeholders

In March 2013 NFACC hosted a workshop titled “Animal Welfare Dilemma of a Market Breakdown” to initiate discussions among key stakeholders about the animal welfare concerns that would arise if such an event were to occur in the future in Canada.

The issue and an effective system to deal with the animal welfare concerns is very complex and highly variable depending on the cause and scope of the breakdown. The workshop was intended as a first step toward creating a Canadian system that will responsibly and credibly address animal welfare in a market breakdown situation.

Animal Welfare Dilemma of a Market Breakdown workshop report

Tackling the challenges head-on

The workshop focused on identifying what a system to address these concerns would need to encompass or consider. It was designed to look at the following components of the system:

  • Capabilities needed
  • Critical activities that will be involved
  • Linkages and authorities that currently exist
  • Barriers that exist in responding to the animal welfare dilemmas of a market breakdown
  • Gaps that exist

Participants included stakeholders considered to have a vested interest, either because they have authority relating to this matter, or because they represent a sector that is likely to experience significant impacts in the event of a market breakdown.