NFACC Statement on video by Mercy for Animals

July 22, 2016 - The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is aware that an undercover video has been released by animal rights group Mercy for Animals. The draft layer Code, which is currently open for public comment and builds upon the previous 2003 layer Code, addresses a wide range of welfare concerns, including all of those raised by the video.  

The draft Code and the public comment system is accessible at: The public comment period opened on June 30th and closes on August 29th. So far, over 500 submissions have been received.

Egg-laying hens deserve good welfare. NFACC’s mandate is to facilitate processes by which farm animal care standards are developed by bringing together diverse groups who need to be part of that decision-making process. The draft revised Code is the result of the unique consensus-based, multi-stakeholder approach used across various agricultural sectors, which brings together all relevant stakeholders with responsibility for animal care standards.  

Our common goal is to ensure good animal welfare and the Code development process helps diverse communities to come together to ensure that all farm animals are treated humanely. More information on the Codes is available at

NFACC plays an important role in advancing farm animal welfare and represents a diversity of stakeholders, including farm groups, veterinarians, animal welfare groups, animal welfare researchers, governments, processors, food companies, and retailers. Collaboration amongst all stakeholders is critical for making real improvements in farm animal welfare.

NFACC’s diverse membership supports the core operations of NFACC through membership fees. Federal government project funding supports the development of individual Codes of Practice through NFACC’s consensus-based, multi-stakeholder process. 

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