Provide input on the beef cattle Code of Practice through new survey

(Ottawa) 30 April 2012 – Beef cattle owners and others with an interest in animal care and welfare have an opportunity to provide their input into the redevelopment of Canada’s beef cattle Code of Practice through an online survey.

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is conducting the survey to gain stakeholder insights on the Codes of Practice, and views on the care and handling of beef cattle.  Your participation is important. To complete this confidential 10-minute survey, go to and click on survey.

The redevelopment of the beef cattle Code is part of a NFACC multi-year project to renew several of the Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals. A key factor for successfully renewing the Codes is achieving buy-in, particularly from industry as they are expected to follow the Code. This is done through:

  • Having industry initiate the development of their Code
  • Ensuring that Code Development Committee members bring a broad range of expertise and industry knowledge
  • Providing opportunities for all stakeholders to provide input

The lead organization responsible for facilitating the beef cattle Code is the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA). “Broad stakeholder input is important in this process to make sure all concerns are on the table for the committee to consider,” explains Ryder Lee, industry liaison on the Beef Cattle Code of Practice Committee and CCA Manager of Federal and Provincial Relations. “This will help in writing a Code that is practical, science informed and relevant.”

You are an important part of this process and your input is critical to updating the beef cattle Code of Practice. Your privacy will be protected.  At the end of the survey you will have the option to enter your email address in order to receive updates on the Code development process, if you wish.

More information on the Code development process and progress on the various Codes under development are available from NFACC’s website (

Funding for the Codes of Practice is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agricultural Flexibility Fund (Addressing Domestic and International Market Expectations Relative to Farm Animal Welfare), as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.


NFACC is a collaborative partnership of diverse stakeholders created in 2005 to share information and work together on farm animal care and welfare. It is the national lead for farm animal care issues in Canada. NFACC would like to acknowledge the Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) for their role in securing funding for this project. For more information on NFACC visit

About CCA

As the national “voice” of Canada’s 83,000 beef producers, CCA’s structure represents every phase of the production system; the purebred, cow/calf, backgrounding and feedlot sectors. The association was founded by producers and is led by a producer-elected board of directors from across Canada. The CCA works with other sectors of the agriculture and food industries on matters of mutual concern. For more information on CCA please visit

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For more information contact:

Jackie Wepruk 
General Manager & Project Coordinator
National Farm Animal Care Council
Phone: (403) 783-4066                                                                                                       

Ryder Lee
Manager of Federal & Provincial Relations
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Phone: (613) 233-9375

Ed Empringham DVM
Project Manager
Canadian Animal Health Coalition
Phone : (519) 537-7999

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