Review of Canada’s Egg Poultry Code has begun

(Ottawa) 23 January 2012 – The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is pleased to announce the review and update of the Code of Practice for poultry in the egg sector has begun. The review initiated by Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), will be guided by NFACC’s Code development process.

Canada’s Codes of Practice are guidelines for the care and handling of farm animals. They serve as our national understanding of animal care requirements and recommended best practices. The Codes are educational tools, reference materials for regulations, and the foundation for farm animal care assessment programs.

“Egg farmers want to ensure their practices are informed by the most up-to-date science and recognized by the broad base of sectors brought together by NFACC”, explains Peter Clarke, chair of EFC. “NFACC has developed a credible and respected process. We look forward to working with representatives from government, retail, restaurants and the animal health and welfare sectors”.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) is one of many active participants in the process. “Developing and maintaining practical solutions to address farm animal welfare concerns requires a commitment from all parties involved to work together for progress and success,” says Geoff Urton, representing the CFHS. “NFACC’s Code development process provides a forum for this level of collaboration.”

“Stakeholder commitment is the key to ensuring that quality animal care standards are established and implemented,” says Edouard Asnong, Chair of NFACC. This Code of Practice is the eighth currently under revision through the NFACC process. Visit for details and a timeline outlining the steps and progress made on the various Codes.

The existing Code of Practice for poultry in the egg sector was developed in 2003. Revisions to the Codes of Practice have been made possible by funding received from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agri-Flexibility program. For more information on the Codes of Practice and NFACC’s Code development process visit 

About NFACC 

NFACC is a collaborative partnership of diverse stakeholders created in 2005 to share information and work together on farm animal care and welfare. It is the national lead for farm animal care in Canada.

About the Egg Farmers of Canada 

Egg Farmers of Canada is a not‐for‐profit national organization founded in 1972 that represents about 1,030 regulated egg farmers in all ten provinces and the Northwest Territories. EFC forecasts demand for eggs, promotes eggs and develops national standards for egg farming. EFC’s goal is to provide Canadians with a secure supply of high‐quality Canadian‐produced eggs.

Codes of Practice updates initiated from 2010 to 2013 are part of the project: Addressing Domestic and International Market Expectations Relative to Farm Animal Welfare. Funding for this project is made available through the Federal Government’s AgriFlexibility Fund, which is delivered by Canada’s Economic Action Plan (EAP). The EAP focuses on strengthening the economy and securing Canada’s economic future. For more information on AgriFlexibility and Canada’s Economic Action Plan, please visit and

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For more information contact: 

Jackie Wepruk
General Manager & Project Coordinator
National Farm Animal Care Council
Phone: (403) 783-4066

Bernadette Cox
Manager, Corporate & Public Affairs
Egg Farmers of Canada
Phone: 613-238-2514 x2235

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