Poultry Scientific Committee reports released

Jun 4, 2014 ... Two peer-reviewed poultry Scientific Committee reports have been released:

These reports provide a review of scientific research related to the priority welfare issues selected as part of the Code development process for chickens, turkeys and breeders, as well as for poultry layers. The reports present the latest findings and inform the discussions of both poultry Code Development Committees. The Scientific Committees include world-renowned researchers and experts in poultry welfare.

A major challenge in addressing animal welfare is the diverse viewpoints about what precisely defines animal welfare and a good quality of life. The reports are based on a definition of welfare that encompasses three aspects: biological functioning such as health and productivity; affective states such as, pain, fear and contentment; and natural behaviour such as the ability to perform behaviours important to the animal.

Key points:

  • The reports focus on research conclusions; they do not make recommendations because science tells us what “is” but does not tell us what “ought to be.” Value-based decisions reside with the Code Development Committees, whose multi-stakeholder composition allows for broad discussions of what is possible, when it is possible and how it is possible.
  • The Code Development Committees will use these scientific reports as a basis for writing the Code. However, conclusions of what will be in the final Code cannot b

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