Contract Opportunities – Scientific Committee Research Writers

Contract Positions for Code of Practice Scientific Committee Research Writers

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) requires research writers, with the appropriate science background, to work with Code of Practice Scientific Committees in developing reports on priority welfare issues within the following species: dairy cattle, goats, and fish (primarily salmonids).

Contracted positions will be variable part-time (approximately 2-3 days/week) for one year and will start immediately upon identification of exemplary candidate(s).


  • Post graduate education in animal welfare science including the completion and defense of a graduate thesis
  • Technical proficiency: typing, spelling, and proof-reading skills, knowledgeable in the use of various software programs (e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook, Endnote)
  • Strong organizational and teamwork skills
  • Literature review capabilities and access to on-line and print research books and scientific journals (including Scopus, PubMed, ScienceDirect, major scientific journals), including the ability to contrast and compare study methods and results in a meaningful way
  • Writing proficiency: capable of writing concisely and synthesizing technical information into coherent, accurate, and precise summaries that are understandable by a layperson. While the primary language used will be English, French language skills are an asset.

Responsibilities include providing support as needed and directed by the Scientific Committee:

  • Organize and attend meetings/teleconferences
  • Drafting sections of the report as needed and directed by the Scientific Committee
  • Prepare, revise drafts and track edits of the priority welfare issues report as directed
  • Conducting literature searches and compiling and citing report references
  • Literature reviews and preparing summaries of the key points of research reports
  • Proof reading
  • Guide and support as needed to keep the report completion on track and on time
  • Ensure the report is consistent with the Scientific Committee’s terms of reference
  • Prepare the Scientific Committee response to peer reviewers for consideration by the Peer Review Coordinator
  • Copy editing as per NFACC’s Scientific Committee template, including reference style
  • Compiling gaps in knowledge and areas for further research
  • Provide a print-ready copy of the finalized priority welfare issues report once complete.

Full terms of reference for the research writers is available at The terms of reference for Scientific Committees is available at

Reporting Structure:

Research writers take direction from Scientific Committee members in the development of the priority welfare issues report, working closely with the Chair of the Scientific Committee. Ultimately, research writers are accountable to the NFACC General Manager. Research writers also need to work with the respective Code Manager for the species being addressed and be capable of working independently as required.

To Apply:

Reply to this announcement by email to Applications that do not include all of the requirements listed below will not be considered.

PLEASE include:

  1. Cover letter that indicates the species (dairy cattle, goats, and/or fish) for which you would like to be considered
  2. Résumé (with references, including ideally a mix of professional and academic)

Please combine your cover letter and résumé into one PDF document. The positions will be open until filled.

The application process will include a written exercise to assess each candidate’s ability to summarize key research conclusions and critically assess research methodologies.

The mandate of the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is to provide a national coordinated approach, promoting responsible farm animal care. Through an inclusive approach, involving the entire value chain, NFACC works to build processes that facilitate Canada's agriculture industries in addressing farm animal care. Website:

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