Overview of the 5-Year Pig Code Review and Amendment

The review of the pig Code was completed by a Code Technical Panel in 2020.  The Five-Year Review Summary Report – Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs outlines the complexities of the issues deliberated by the panel, the agreements and recommendations made (including proposed amendments to the pig Code), projections for group housing, and a detailed literature review of research priorities and gaps that were identified during the 2014 pig Code’s development. This is a substantial, 137-page report. Hence, a summary was developed to highlight helpful details and aid in navigating the full report.

The Code Technical Panel also needed to address a requirement in Section 1.1.2 of the pig Code that stipulated “greater freedom of movement,” with suitable options being “clarified by the participating stakeholders by July 1, 2019, as informed by scientific evidence.” As such, the decision was made to combine the 5-year Code review process with the Code amendment process, given that an amendment would inevitably be initiated. The panel also served as the Code Amendment Committee and included representation from all participants required for a Code amendment.

Proposed amendments to the pig Code were open for a 60-day public comment period from September 21, 2020 – November 19, 2020. Subsequently, the committee was unable to come to a full consensus and work on the amendment ceased in 2021. Ongoing dialogue since then has focused on rebuilding and upholding good working relationships between NFACC stakeholders concerned with pig welfare. The result is a renewed commitment to work together to advance the welfare of pigs. A full update to the Code of Practice for the care and handling of pigs will commence in 2024. Important context about the update to the pig Code is available here.