Pullets and Laying Hens 5-Year Code Review

The pullets and laying hens Code was released in 2017. A 5-year review was completed by a Code Technical Panel in 2022.  

The Code Technical Panel’s recommendation for this Code of Practice is that it be amended. The amendment will focus on the major challenges noted below that were identified during the 5-year review of the Code. Information about Code amendments is available here.

Proposed timeline for the Code amendment: 2023–2024

Major challenges identified that warrant amendments to the Code:

  • Round feeder space for laying hens and pullets
  • Minimum space allowance for pullets in multi-tier systems
  • Maximum number of tiers allowed in laying and rearing facilities  

Minor challenges identified:

  • Nest box curtains in enriched colony systems: what constitutes an acceptable side of the nest box to offer privacy and shading, and what is an acceptable length for nest curtains?
  • There are many perching requirements in the Code of Practice, but it remains subjective as to what constitutes an acceptable perch, particularly in relation to the glossary definition of a perch.