NFACC Information Update April 2024

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NFACC is pleased to welcome Pullet Growers of Canada as new primary members of NFACC!

The Pullet Growers of Canada

Pullet Growers of Canada is proud to be a member of the National Farm Animal Care Council.

As a source of support and expertise for its members, and in its desire to ensure their success, PGC believes that its participation in the Council will be an opportunity to pursue its mission by encouraging that the best practices of this sector continue to evolve. By taking part in the works of NFACC, it will allow our organisation to always ensure that the highest standards of animal welfare and breeding quality are available and put into practice by pullet growers.

– Jessica Lavallée-Morin


NFACC is pleased to welcome new associate members: Dechra, Earls, and MSVS! 

Dechra Veterinary Products

Dechra, the fastest-growing animal health company in Canada, has a strong track record of supporting companion animals and the equine market and has now expanded its focus to provide solutions for production animals. In line with the Dechra purpose of sustainable improvement of animal health and welfare, we defined our commitment to animal welfare through focus on improving animal health and providing high-quality pharmaceutical solutions. A notable milestone in Dechra's commitment is exemplified by Tri-Solfen, the pioneering topical anesthetic that stands as the first and sole approved solution for piglet castration. Tri-Solfen not only reinforces our ability to provide "less pain, improved welfare" solutions, but also opens doors for collaborative efforts dedicated to the holistic well-being of animals, humans, and the environment.

Earls Kitchen + Bar Restaurants

Earls Restaurants Ltd. is a family-owned operation started in 1982 with its first restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. Earls has since grown to become one of the most successful, family-owned independent restaurant groups in North America with 69 locations across Canada (59) and the US (10). Stan Fuller still serves as CEO and the brand is headquartered in Vancouver.

Our procurement style aims to be open and fair, allowing for businesses of all sizes with a product that could enhance the Earls experience, and we're fiercely disciplined about selecting our products and services. At the core of our food charter, our commitment to conscious sourcing, "we exist to discover globally inspired food made with consciously sourced ingredients and create irresistible dishes for the best value in premium casual dining". We know our guests care about where their food comes from, and so do we.

MSVS – Industry Leading Certifications

MSVS is committed to supporting animal welfare in the agricultural industry by ensuring transparency in the auditing process, and upholding the policies and principles that support the codes of practice.  Being a part of NFACC as an associate member is an important corporate milestone and we are pleased to join the Canadian industry in their continued mission to advance farm animal welfare.


In 2023, updates to five Codes of Practice were initiated along with an amendment to a 6th Code of Practice. Below is a status update on this work thus far. 

The Canadian Cattle Association has initiated an update to the 2013 beef cattle Code. A Code Committee has been constituted in accordance with Step One of NFACC’s Code process. NFACC has organized a Scientific Committee that will develop a report on priority welfare issues for beef cattle in accordance with their Terms of Reference. A survey is now open for all those who are interested in providing their top-of-mind thoughts on beef cattle welfare. More information and a link to the survey is available from the beef cattle Code webpage

The Canadian Sheep Federation and Equestrian Canada have, respectively, initiated updates to the 2013 sheep Code and the 2013 equine Code. Code Committees for each Code are being constituted in accordance with Step One of NFACC’s Code process. NFACC is in the process of establishing Scientific Committees for each species. Top-of-mind surveys are also being prepared to capture input from those interested in sheep and equine welfare. Watch for official announcements of the launch of these two Code updates over the coming weeks. 

Egg Farmers of Canada has initiated an amendment to the 2017 pullets and laying hens Code. A Code Amendment Committee is being constituted in accordance with Step One of NFACC’s Code process. A scientific panel has had an initial meeting to discuss the report they’re developing on the research  relating to the topics covered by the amendment. An official announcement on the amendment will follow soon. 

For more information on how amendments differ from Code updates, visit

Updates to the 2016 Code of Practice for the care and handling of Hatching Eggs, Breeders, Chickens and Turkeys and the 2014 Code of Practice for the care and handling of Pigs have also been initiated and will be underway soon. 

The overall plan and timeline for all Code updates and the amendment can be viewed here


Code reviews are intended to provide an opportunity to reflect upon the overall progress made since a Code’s last update, identify challenges, and determine the relative priority level for that Code’s next full update. More information on five-year Code reviews can be found here

In the fall of 2023, the rabbit Code underwent a five-year review. The Code Technical Panel’s recommendation that this Code of Practice be reaffirmed was accepted by NFACC’s board. More details on the outcome of the review can be found at


NFACC is contracting new Code Managers and Research Writers & Code Manager Assistants. Visit for more information on how to apply.

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