Animal Welfare Research Needs Identified through the Code Development Process

Animal welfare research priorities identified during the Code development process are a compilation of priorities coming from:

  • The Scientific Committee, which identifies gaps in knowledge and areas for further research relating to their report on priority welfare issues (see step 2 of the Code development process for a description of priority welfare issues). To review the Scientific Committee report on any Code updated through the NFACC process visit the Code page by selecting the species from the Codes of Practice menu above.
  • The Code Development Committee, as it develops Code requirements and recommended practices based on the best available science and other acceptable knowledge sources.

Following the development of a Code, these animal welfare research needs are compiled and submitted to NFACC. The aim is for animal welfare research addressing these research priorities to be supported by funding bodies.   

Ultimately, the goal is to support as much research as possible in priority areas before the next revision to the Code. The NFACC’s process recommends Codes should be regularly reviewed (i.e. every five years), and revised at least every 10 years, to ensure they are current with government policy/regulations, industry practices and scientific research.

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