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Vancouver Sun - B.C. mink farms are family owned and operated and these farmers respect animal welfare - (22 juillet 2020)

Winnipeg Free Press -  Fleece-covered Grounds Crew Begins Work - (13 juillet 2020)

Nation Valley News - Bill 156 protects the safety of Ontario’s farm and food supply, says OFA - (12 juin 2020)

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CountryGuide - Grains sector backed to develop export rejection insurance - (12 février 2020)

Canadian Cattlemen, the Beef Magazine - The latest research on cattle transport and rest stops - (27 janvier 2020)

Global News - Germany, France push to end male chick ‘shredding’ in European Union - (16 janvier 2020)

Windsor Star - Fur farmer defends his industry against protester claims of cruelty - (1 janvier 2020)

Humane Canada - It’s an ‘Ag Gag’! - (27 decembre 2019)

Windsor Star - Animal rights group protests fur farming with banner over E.C Row (26 decembre 2019)

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Whitehorse Daily Star - Changes may be coming to animal welfare laws (25 novembre 2019)

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Cision - World Farm Animals Day Highlights Need for Better Animal Welfare Standards (2 octobre 2019)

CBC News - Ontario considers bill to protect farmers from animal rights activists (21 septembre 2019)

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Manitoba Co-operator - Dairy calves, veal sector to see animal transportation changes (19 août 2019)

CBC News - 'Terrible way to go':  Humane society wants changes after hundreds of cows killed in blaze (13 août 2019)

CBC News - Humane society alleges cattle shocked by electric prods at B.C. rodeo (31 juillet 2019)

The Western Producer - Animal protection report explores costs of ‘higher welfare’” poultry systems (22 juillet 2019)

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The Western Producer - Industry makes great strides to enhance hog welfare (20 juin 2019)

The Province - Lynn Kavanagh: Public expects transparency to trust that farm animals are well-treated (20 mai 2019)

The Western Producer - Animal rights groups said growing more aggressive (16 mai 2019)

Canadian Cattlemen, The Beef Magazine - Castration tips and pain control (02 mai 2019)

CTV News Vancouver - Demonstrator arrested at Abbotsford pig farm after PETA video (29 avril 2019)

CTV News Vancouver - SPCA investigating video from Abbotsford pig farm (23 avril 2019)

Manitoba Co-operator - Animal care code updates gain funding (23 avril 2019)

Manitoba Co-operator - There have been many gains on many fronts in the cattle industry (16 avril 2019)

The Western Producer - Goat code of practice to be updated (11 avril 2019)

McCague Borlack Barrister & Solicitors LLP - Is Anyone Ensuring That Your Mink Lashes Are Cruelty-Free? (03 avril 2019)

The Beef Magazine - What we’ve learned about castration in beef cattle (27 mars 2019) - Livestock farmers invited to comment on transport code (26 mars 2019)

RealAgriculture - Time for a Code of Practice for grain production (22 mars 2019)

Canadian Trucking Alliance - Survey: Update to the Code of Practice for Transportation of Livestock and Poultry (07 mars 2019)

BC Government News - Codes of practice to protect B.C. farm animals (Mars 2019)

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BC SPCA - Have your say on fish welfare (Mars 2019)

BC SPCA - Updating Canada’s transportation regulations (Mars 2019)

RealAgriculture - Surveys, new regulations inform livestock Codes of Practice revisions (07 mars 2019)

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mySteinbach - NFACC launches transportation code of practice update (06 mars 2019)

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iPolitics - The Sprout: CFIA releases new animal transport rules (20 février 2019)

HighRiver Online - Canadian Government Invests In Animal Welfare (20 février 2019) - Feds invest in animal welfare initiatives (20 février 2019) - Animal codes get funding (20 février 2019)

The Poultry Site - Canada invests in industry-led animal welfare activities (20 février 2019)

Pembina Valley Online - Government Invests In Animal Welfare (19 février 2019)

Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada - Le gouvernement investit dans des activités sur le bien-être des animaux dirigée par l’industrie (19 février 2019)

The Western Producer - Feds pressed on new animal transportation regulations (14 février 2019)

The Brock Press - Who regulates the dairy industry? (05 février 2019)

Le Bulletin des agriculteurs - Révision des codes de pratiques, c’est parti! (18 janvier 2019)

Manitoba Co-operator - The updated bison code of care has a wealth of information (16 janvier 2019) / meatingplace - Rules for animal transport in Canada under review (09 janvier 2019)

The Western Producer - Transport code of practice in works (03 janvier 2019)

The Western Producer - Report calls for standardizing animal welfare rules (20 décembre 2018)

The Western Producer - Animal neglect linked to mental health (13 décembre 2018)

Canadian Cattlemen, The Beef Magazine - Take-aways from the 2018 beef summit, Part 1 (30 novembre 2018)

The Western Producer - Trust in food system falls, but opportunities still exist (29 novembre 2018)

Alberta Farmer Express - Loose housing is a winning approach, says Canadian pork giant (15 novembre 2018)

Manitoba Co-operator - Hog barn expansion poses questions (2 novembre 2018)

Grainews - New December regulation will benefit livestock industry (31 octobre 2018)

ScienceDirect - Review of Priority Welfare Issues of Commercially Raised Bison in North America (30 octobre 2018)

Manitoba Co-operator - Maple Leaf pulls ahead on open sow housing (23 octobre 2018)

The Western Producer - Maple Leaf embraces open housing in its hog barns (18 octobre 2018)

Global Meat - Maple Leaf Foods introduces sow open house system (11 octobre 2018)

CISION - Maple Leaf Foods Builds Leadership in Animal Care (9 octobre 2018)

Canadian Cattlemen - Pain control in cattle remains a complex issue (2 octobre 2018)

Business Insider Markets - Animal Care Updates Deliver Science-Based Results (Octobre 2018) - Space is tied to pig growth and behavior (27 septembre 2018)

Manitoba Co-operator Bison sector offers insights on using top bulls (15 août 2018)

Canadian Cattlemen Cross Canada cattle transport... (10 août 2018)

The Western Producer Feedlots to benefit from new animal care audit (9 août 2018)

The Journal Pioneer International conference on animal behaviours set in Charlottetown (29 juillet 2018)

SAgNet McDonald's First to Serve Certified Sustainable Canadian Beef (13 juillet 2018)

The Western Producer  Pain control still not common (12 juillet 2018)

The Western Producer  McDonald’s to offer sustainable burgers (12 juillet 2018)

Newswire  McDonald's® Canada will be the first company to serve Canadian beef from farms and ranches certified sustainable by leading industry experts (11 juillet 2018)

The Western Producer Egg producers question feasibility of free-run (28 juin 2018)

CTV News Vancouver Disturbing video prompts investigations into Fraser Valley chicken farms (25 juin 2018)

The Beacon Herald Perth County cattle farmer pleads guilty to animal cruelty (15 juin 2018)

Equine Guelph News Pilot Study looks at On-Farm Welfare Assessment Tool for Equines in Canada (Mai 2018)

The Western Producer  Horse welfare issues difficult to address (17 mai 2018)

National Observer  Ontario SPCA to review graphic hidden-camera footage (14 mai 2018)

The Western Producer Elderly horse care creates tough welfare issue (3 mai 2018)

Alberta Cattle Feeders' Association  Why our high standards of animal care make Canadian beef the best (Avril 2018)

National Post  Trader Joe's is being sued for a "misleading egg carton"... (26 mars 2018)

Tri-State Livestock News  Reducing pain and stress... (23 mars 2018)

BC SPCA  Rules change to improve the welfare of farm animals (8 mars 2018)

The Western Producer  Care and handling manual for rabbits released (15 février 2018)

High River Times  Cattle may require extra care in cold (7 février 2018)

Vancouver Sun  Opinion: Horse and carriage critics short on facts... (19 janvier 2018)

Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada  Sondage sur la connaissance, l’application et le respect du Code de pratiques dans l’industrie équine canadienne (Décembre 2017)

Cambridge  Fur farm protest banner hangs over Hwy. 8 (21 décembre 2017)

The Western Producer  Veal code of practice gets update<span class="s